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double coated breed dogs

Double Coated Breeds Grooming

Double coated breeds, early autumn is the best time for them to get groomed. They are now losing their summer hair (you may have noticed) to give way to a more abundant and dense hair that will protect them from cold months. We can help you tackle the task, and in a single session eliminate a lot of work. Huskys, samoyeds, German Shepherd, collies, Goldens, Labradors, even chihuahuas….anything that sheds abundantly. . This is your month! Don’t forget to ask for appointment! Your dog, your furniture and your clothes will thank you! 

“Double coated breeds”

So remember, double coated breeds should be groomed early autumn. Please keep your animals safe and happy…oh and well groomed too. Fromm your friendly neighbourhood Kelowna dog groomer. Barkley’s Muttland. 
Don’t forget about our doggie daycare. We have plenty of fun outdoor space so your favourite furry friend can enjoy playing and relaxing. Contact us now or stop in for an appointment. 

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dog grooming kelowna

Protect your pets from smoke and ash

The Okanagan (Smokanagan) has seen its fare share of smoke and the  ash that goes with it sometimes, the results on our health can be dangerous. This is also true of your pets. Pets can breathe in tremendous amounts of smoke and ash during wildfire events such as we are seeing here in the Kelowna area, so they need to be protected. It is a good idea to limit their outdoor activity during smokey days and to make sure their water dish is filled with clean water. Also, be sure to clean the dish daily, as they can build up with pollutants. 

Pets fur can also be a place the harbours lots of ash and dirt and this will be brought, not only into your homes but also their beds. It is important to give your dogs more frequent bathes and provide for them regular grooming so their fur stays clean and healthy. The dirt, ash can build up on their skin and cause additional issues that you want to avoid. Barkleysmuttland is here to help for all your dog grooming needs. We also love cats and groom cats as well. 

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Our New Website Is Live!!!

We love our new website! How do you like it? Be sure to book mark us and check back often, as we will be adding fun and interesting facts and ideas, regarding all things pet related. Pet grooming ideas for dogs and cats as well as doggie daycare pictures and overall fun stuff involving our furry friends. be sure to book your appoint soon as we are filling up fast due to the smoke in the valley. 


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