Drop in Services:

Nail trims -$15

Nail filing- From $5

Face trim -from $15

Feet trim- from $5

Ear cleaning-$5

Teeth brushing- $5

Anal gland expression-$10


By Appointment 

Dog grooming-from Chihuahuas to Chow Chows.  Our appointment based services start at $65 and includes a tailor made groom or coat maintenance suited for your breed and style and includes; nail trimming and ear cleaning. (Other services can be added on)


"Shop pricing considerations"

There are several factors to consider when quoting a dog grooming price. A small dog requiring a simple haircut will start at $65.

 The starting price is for a “shave-down” which is essentially a simple short style throughout. Breed-specific grooms such as a schnauzer-cut, bichon-head, … require additional time and expertise and are a higher rate. Other specific styles such as a teddy bear cut, lion trim, or specific scissoring skill are also higher.

 Other pricing considerations will be the size and temperament of the pet, the condition, type, and length of the coat. See our dematting policy*  for possible coat-condition limitations.


 *Dematting Policy 

“Our motto has always been ‘Humanity over vanity’. If a dog comes in with a severely matted coat we do not offer extensive dematting as a service. It is painful and often traumatic for the dog. Coat condition will be assessed at drop off and clients will be advised if it can be safely dematted or if a shave-down will be required.”


Each full groom includes:

-Hydro-therapy warm bath and massage

-Proper selection of shampoo and conditioner (according to skin/coat type and needs.)

-Fluff and brush dry & gentle de-tangle combing

-De Shedding treatment (included!)

-Nail trim (filing extra)

Small breeds: $65 +

Medium breeds: $80 +

Large breeds:$100 +